Hindmarsh recognises that there is no task so important or so urgent that it releases the company, its managers, employees or subcontractors from the responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

Hindmarsh is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, contractors, clients and the public. Hindmarsh seeks to actively evolve safety performance through collaboration, learning, review and preventative action.

Our management team lead the way by establishing a workplace culture committed to work health and safety.

Hindmarsh is committed to every aspect of work health and safety:

  • in any workplace under our management and control;
  • arising from the conduct of our business;
  • in the environment in which our employees and contractors operate;
  • arising from the safe systems of work used by our employees and contractors;
  • arising from the facilities we provide for the welfare of our employees and contractors



At Hindmarsh we empower our staff, subcontractors and suppliers to take a proactive approach to safety. We believe everyone should go home safely every-day.
‘Don’t Walk By’ is a Hindmarsh Safety Campaign that encourages our subcontractors, clients and consultants to participate actively in the Hindmarsh Safety Framework. 
The Don’t Walk By principles of ‘see it, fix it, report it’ remind everyone on site that we are all responsible for safety. Through this campaign, Hindmarsh aims to increase positive participation and create a culture of communication between our staff and subcontractors on sites.