10th October 2010

Press Release: Hindmarsh builds health

Hindmarsh Construction ACT has been selected as one of five workplaces to pilot ACT Health’s Workplace Health and Wellbeing program.

The Healthy@Work pilot aims to assist five selected workplaces assess the health and wellbeing of their staff and implement various services as required, including a 20 minute employee health check and a 30 minute health and wellbeing seminar.

promotion programs and resources that support workplaces to be health promoting environments. This will in turn promote improved health and wellbeing of the Canberra community. Managed by Healthcare Management Advisors (HMA), the Pilot aims to encourage good nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation, appropriate use of alcohol, and mental health and stress management in five diverse workplaces. Planning for this Pilot commenced in September 2010.

From January 2011, HMA will assist workplaces to undertake an audit of their work environment and assess the health and wellbeing needs of their staff. From this needs assessment, HMA will then assist each workplace to implement various programs and services to address identified needs. Evaluation of the pilot will be conducted by Health Outcomes International (HOI).

The focus areas of this pilot include:

  • smoking
  • nutrition
  • physical activity
  • alcohol
  • physical activity
  • mental health/stress management

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