11th November 2010

Press Release: Woden Green to include high-rise residential

Hindmarsh and the Land Development Agency have announced an extensive further stage for their existing Woden Green project, including a proposed 35 storey residential tower in response to a growing demand for high density accommodation close to town centres. The proposed next stage of Woden Green adjacent to Woden Town Centre will require significant planning approvals.

Chairman John Hindmarsh said the proposed buildings will require planning approval, but he believes the proposal meets the needs of housing affordability and sustainability. "The more height we can get the more open space we can give the ground level and we can intensify development in a very sustainable way, right next to a town centre where everyone's got access to transport, facilities, as opposed to being out on the outer fringes," he said.

The full Woden Green project will create about 1,500 dwellings on an 11 hectare site.