Key Features

  • AIB Awards for Professional Excellence at State & National Level for Commercial Construction $10m-$50m - 2010
  • AIA Award for Public Architecture, Interior Architecture & Urban Design - 2010
  • NECA Award of Excellence - 2010

Adelaide Zoo

When the Zoo was successful in their endeavour to house Pandas the project went into overdrive to ensure that not only was the Panda Pavilion ready, but also the broader project, new entry precinct, conservation centre, function centre, expanded public areas and the upgrade or replacement of the entire perimeter fence were complete to accommodate the huge increase in visitor numbers generated by the arrival of Wang Wang and Funi.

Adelaide Zoo dates back to 1881 and as such boasts many heritage structures and significant trees in their botanic gardens, and due consideration was given to working the design around these constraints. Naturally Zoos SA demanded the ‘greenest’ of solutions and this was always in the forefront for the delivery team.

Green roofs showcasing native plants, create habitat and support biodiversity; green walls, thermal banking, stormwater harvesting, weather station controls, integrated BMS were only some of the wide ranging ESD initiatives incorporated into the project.

Program was mission critical and the ‘stakeholder wheel’ model was used to ensure all contributors were absolutely committed to the delivery process. Despite 50 days of lost time to inclement weather including heat waves of 45 degrees, methods were developed, additional hours worked, new resources brought to bear to ensure that the structures were finished well before the Panda’s arrived.

Hindmarsh was responsible for cost control and was often constructing ahead of documentation so inventive cost management methods were adopted to ensure the project was delivered to budget. On time, on budget, looks fabulous, is ‘as green as’ - great project.

‘Hindmarsh Construction is to be congratulated for it’s outstanding work ethic in completing a 2 1/2  year project in 12 months’ Heather Caddick, President ZoosSA.