Key Features

  • AIB Award for High Commendation National Commercial Construction $10M-$50M - 2012
  • AIB Award for Professional Excellence at State Level Commercial Construction $10M-$50M - 2012

Central Plant Building

The Central Plant facility is designed to meet the needs of the $240M Colleges of Science project and the longer term needs of the wider precinct. The facility is designed with a primary focus on energy efficiency and is a significant contributor to the sustainability leadership agenda for the Australian National University.

It is centrally located in order to optimise services reticulation and the cost benefits to the major new buildings being developed within the Colleges of Science project. The facility will provide chilled water and heating hot water services for Biosciences, Teaching, Chemistry, Hancock, Fenner, Forestry, Geography and the RSB building – all serviced by a reticulated network of in ground pipe-work.

Additional features include a purpose built Blackwater treatment plant (BWTP), this plant collects blackwater from buildings and provides treated water for recycling in toilet flushing and irrigation. Rainwater from the building is also collected and stored for recycling.

The building includes various components of mechanical plant and equipment, and sustainable energy design principles. The chillers and boilers will provide cooling and heating water, as well as approximately 2.1 million litres of stored energy, via chilled water storage tanks.

The façade features include ‘green walls’, where plantings will grow over the west and east walls, to further enhance the environmental aesthetics of this new building. The green wall is supported by stainless steel mesh laced into a galvanised frame.