Key Features

  • AIB Award for High Distinction Commercial Construction $10m-$50m -2012
  • MBA Award for Subcontractor Technical Difficulty - windows, national fixing - 2012

Teaching Building

The Teaching Building was the second building to be completed in the ANU Colleges of Science Precinct. This project was managed by the overall Colleges of Science project team, which included shared resources across the four buildings that made up this overall project. The Teaching Building houses the undergraduate teaching function of the ANU Research School of Biology and the ANU Research School of Chemistry providing world class teaching laboratory facilities as well as 50 and 150 seat seminar rooms.

The site for the Teaching Building is located adjacent the main ANU student hub and is surrounded by lecture theatres, research laboratories and a student library. The large volume of pedestrian traffic around the site was a significant safety issue that was successfully managed with no incidents occurring during the course of the work.

The building incorporates extremely complex architectural facade elements, with a mix of digitally moulded precast panels, high performance glazing and lightweight aluminium panelling installed with complex geometric patterns.

The laboratory areas incorporate a large number of fume cupboards, which are exhausted via a single manifolded duct, this exhaust system also includes a thermal recovery coil. This is the first laboratory building in Australia to incorporate this feature and required the project to seek a special exemption from the building certifier as it was completed ‘ahead’ of the Australian Standards for Laboratory design.