Key Features

  • AIB Award for Professional Excellence at State Level Commercial Construction $1m-$10m - 2010
  • AIB Award for High Commendation at National Level Commercial Construction $1m-$10m - 2010
  • MBA Award for Project Exhibiting Technical Difficulty - 2010

Wes Whitten Building

The Wes Whitten building upgrade expands and enhances the University’s Colleges of Sciences Facility. The role of this building is to provide a central building with “generic” animal accommodation in accordance with OGTR and AQIS standards including animal holding areas, research laboratories, quarantine rooms and support facilities. The animal holding facilities include space for Australian Native species, Aquarium, Insectary and a Non-Rodent holding facility.

The building is designed to be energy efficient and as such, takes into consideration the nature of the residents, through the use of current heating and cooling technologies, as well as advanced odour control.

The architectural building form consists of a series of radiating rectangular prisms both acting as a backdrop to street trees and the pivotal location in the University. The building finish is a combination of red brick and flat metal panel with an off-white finish, allowing the new building to blend in with the existing built and natural landscape.