Key Features

  • MBA Award for Project Exhibiting Technical Difficulty or Innovation, Commercial - 2005
  • MBA Award for Weigold Building, Commercial Building - 2005

ANU Research School of Physical Sciences & Engineering

The Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering is one of four foundation schools of the Institute of Advanced Studies at the ANU. The school pursues cutting-edge research and research training in physics and engineering, covering broad areas of experimental and theoretical sciences and supports these with a range and concentration of facilities unique in Australia. The new building is a stand alone three-storey 1,500m2 structure with dedicated laboratories. Links were provided into the adjacent buildings for easy access to other departments of the School.

The subsequent refurbishment of the Cockcroft & Le Couteur Buildings consisted of the existing old laboratories being converted into offices, meeting spaces and store area. The refurbishment was undertaken in two separate stages and was the first complete internal refurbishment of the buildings. The Research School remained in occupation during the refurbishment necessitating multiple staged possessions and staged completions. All redundant services were removed requiring careful management during the various stages to keep disruption in the School to a minimum. This also necessitated complex management of the separation of construction workers and ANU staff and the management of fire escape routes.

The overall contract period of 4 years consisted of many challenges with materials handling in such a confined area being a major challenge to be addressed throughout.