Key Features

  • AIB Award for High Commendation at National Level for Commercial Construction $10m-$50m - 2011
  • AIB Award for Professional Excellence at State Level for Commercial Construction $10m-$50m - 2010

Aquadome Redevelopment

For over 30 years the Aquadome has been an iconic facility in the South Australian aquatic industry, and Hindmarsh were contracted to undertake the refurbishment and extension to provide the people of Playford with a centre better than the original.

Indoor aquatic centres are a recognised maintenance problem, chlorinated air combined with condensation causes corrosion problems, and as filtration and air handling equipment deteriorate with age, water and air quality suffer. As such this was a major upgrade by local standards, new air handling equipment, updated filtration, quality corrosion protection to the existing structural elements and the installation of danpalon panels to provide additional natural light and feeling of space. Water quality is managed through continuous testing systems with diagnostic interfaces that correct dosing issues as required.

An additional 25m pool was added, the previous slide was replaced with 110m of turns and twists, the entire pool concourse was replaced with concrete of a special mix quality and sealed to reduce maintenance costs and ensure ease of cleaning.

Environmental considerations were important, both in the built form and in recycling and waste management. The 1.2 million litres removed from the main pool was dechlorinated and the water recycled into the Salisbury aquifer. The project is part of the Solar Cities program with 150m2 of solar panels, and ASR water is recycled to feed toilets and landscaping.

The Aquadome was designed as a key recreational facility within the City of Playford with the goal to assist in the health and wellbeing of the community through greater participation in physical activity. Since its redevelopment the Aquadome has seen a dramatic increase in participation at the facility including increased family usage (with over 30% of members on a family membership) and a 50% increase in senior programs.