Key Features

  • RAIA Award for Commendation of Sustainable Architecture - 2002

$10m City of Burnside Library

Multi staged new and redeveloped facilities for a major local government which included new library and knowledge centre, community centre and public interface for the municipal office.

The Burnside Millennium Project lies on the junction of two arterial roads and adjacent to the social node of Burnside Village Shopping Centre. It draws together community focused functions in a highly legible and formally transparent public building. 

Sited next to the landmark Burnside Townhall, and combining a library, community centre and other public spaces, the project radiates use-specific segments.

The forum area at the centre of the project, the cloister and colonnade entry loop make the linked uses accessible in an attractive environment relevant to the individual.

The project strongly reflects the local community focus on environmentally sustainable design, acting as an exemplar of the best technology available at the time.

Many functions of this office required to be maintained throughout the redevelopment. Significant Environmental Sustainability initiatives were incorporated into this project to provide for its time an exemplar project.