Key Features

  • AIB Award for High Commendation for Commercial Construction $1m-$10m - 2015

CAM Centre of Advanced Microscopy

The Centre of Advanced Microscopy project is a single storey refurbishment of the existing John Curtin School of Medical Research Workshops (JCSMR) area at ANU, including a mix of offices, high specification scanning and transmission electron microscope laboratories and a CT scanning and 3D printing suite.

A priority planning and design issue in the project was the need to respond to high specification vibration and electro-magnetic radiation isolation requirements between the microscope laboratories and the surrounding functions of the Centre of Advanced Microscopy and the JCSMR.

This planning included specialist consultant testing of ambient vibration and EMR levels and verification testing at completion.  The resulting designs included fully isolated 500mm thick ground slabs to all microscope rooms, services routes re-routed around sensitive areas, mechanical shielding of electrical mains / submains, flexible isolation connections to fire services and hydraulics pipework and nylon fixings isolating ductwork. 

The CAM project was delivered under the Managing Contractor delivery model and was able to incorporate two stages of increased scope which led to the staging of the works and maintained originally scheduled completion dates. The works were managed closely with the JCSMR staff to ensure the daily operational requirements of the adjacent operating research, animal and technical services areas were not disrupted.

The CAM facility benefits the ANU by co-locating two microscopy functions in the bioscience and medical research disciplines into the same building and bringing in the related discipline of nano-technology closer with its CT scanning and 3D printing technologies. This has led to greater collaboration opportunities and operational efficiency. The CAM facility has been designed and constructed to a high standard enabling the use of more sensitive equipment  and upgrades of both scanning and transmission electron microscopes. The Electromagnetic Radiation screening and isolation of services in conjunction with the vibration damping structural elements in the building infrastructure enable greater sensitivities to be achieved now and room for upgrades into the future. CAM incorporates rooms and AV technology to facilitate interactive educational visits for groups of students, right where the action is.