Key Features

  • AIB Award for High Commendation at State Level for Commercial Construction $10m-$50m - 2011
  • 1,800 car parking spaces and 100 + disabled car parking spaces
  • Designed as a post-earthquake disaster facility

$45m Canberra Hospital Car Park

The Canberra Hospital Car Park comprises of an open deck eight level post-tensioned concrete carpark structure provides approximately 1,800 parking spaces, including over 100 disabled parking spaces.

The parking layout features long aisles and ramped car park decks to maximise circulation efficiency and provide direct access to car spaces and exit routes with designated up and down ramps. The arrangement simplifies way-finding and reduces reliance on electronic park-assist systems.

The structure has been designed as a post-earthquake disaster facility as part of the major hospital infrastructure. Three passenger lifts provide access to the main hospital pedestrian circulation system and five fire stairs are located at the corners of the building to enhance exit from the structure.

Careful consideration has been given to the impact of the monolithic nature of the structure on its urban setting, where a perforated powder-coated aluminium panel façade system was developed providing free air movement and to create visual interest in the façade, using panels of varying depth and colour creating a sense of wave movement in the façade. This pattern also provides a different expression when approached at day and at night.

The project included the demolition of an existing car park structure on the site and the construction of four temporary surface car parks, with directional signage, while construction work was undertaken.