Key Features

  • 44 Independent Living Units
  • New archdiocesan offices
  • Public realm upgrades
  • Heritage Rectification Works

$40m St Christopher's Aged Care and Retirement Living

This development of the precinct surrounding St Christopher’s Cathedral replaces aging and obsolete infrastructure with a new archdiocesan office, an independent retirement living residential complex and works to the associated public realm.

The Retirement Living building has a mix of one, two and three bedroom independent living units for a total yield of 44 apartments with large balconies arranged around a common courtyard. The office building provides accommodation for the archdiocesan administration, a bookshop and a parish hall with the two office wings separated by a three-level atrium space.

The buildings are arranged over a podium above a split-level basement car park and archival storage. A private landscaped courtyard including a communal pavilion building is provided for the resident’s use and a public cloister is a new urban space associated with the Cathedral and office building for use by parishioners and public.

The project has been designed with due regard to the heritage significance of the St Christopher’s Cathedral precinct, including the form, height and external material colour of the Cathedral being reflected in the architectural treatment of the office building to visually connect the buildings around a new landscaped public space that maintains the heritage landscape character.

The project has activated the spaces around the Cathedral, making a strong civic contribution to the surrounding community.