Key Features

  • ECI then Managing Contract
  • Master Builders Award for Excellence in Building – Commercial Building above $20M - 2013
  • AIB Award for Professional Excellence for Commercial Construction $50m -$100m at State Level - 2013
  • AIB Award for Professional Excellence for Commercial Construction at State & National Level $10m-$50m - 2007 & 2009

$140m The John Curtin School of Medical Research

This very special purpose building combines state of the art secure facilities for cross-discipline research and bio-containment laboratory facilities with this public face. To this end an incisive strategy has been applied to the building’s planning and organisation to attract leading scientists and funding for its programmes in molecular bioscience, immunology, genetics and neuroscience.

The body of the building is formed of layered, linear bars of offices, support spaces, corridors, small controlled laboratory spaces and large PC2 Containment Level laboratories, arranged according to their intensity of use, with shared laboratory spaces and open-plan academic offices while maintaining the security of PC2 Containment areas.

The John Curtin School is world renowned in the field of biomedical research and the new building  presents the new public face for the School. The redevelopment was required to be constructed and progressively occupied in three stages on the site of the original buildings, to enable the School to maintain its continuing research programme. The DNA double helix is formally represented in the design of the building as a reference to the work carried out within.

The result is a building with a clear identity that is boldly and flambouyantly expressed architecturally with excellence in construction execution.