Key Features

Treasury Building

The Treasury Building refurbishment and integrated fit-out was a complex and politically sensitive project, as the building was occupied throughout the construction period. There were time periods where contractors were not allowed access into the building due to Budget works and after the September 11 terrorist attacks all planned site works had to be revisited.

The Treasury building is also heritage listed and a significant building within the Parliamentary Triangle and as such all works had to be undertaken in a manner that did not damage the building fabric or existing landscape.

Hindmarsh were appointed as Project Managers and Superintendent. The Hindmarsh role included:

• Brief development

• Design management

• Management of the various contractors being the multi-services contractor and the building works contractor

• The management of the staging of the project, being some seven stages encompassing the need to undertake a 100% refurbishment in a building that was occupied throughout

• Development of the 5+5 maintenance contracts

The scope of the Hindmarsh role on the Treasury Building project was akin to the role of the Managing Contractor. ie.a whole of project role.

The scope of works was extended significantly late in the project to include a fitout for a second tenant (the National Capital Authority). This had minimal effect on the overall program.