Key Features

  • MBA Award for Excellence in Commercial Construction $20m-$50m - 2009

Wine Innovation Cluster - University of Adelaide

The WIC has a total area of 12,000m2 including world class research laboratories, supporting work across the value chain from field trials to winemaking and packaging, and consumer sensory work. The Cluster sees four leading grape and wine research agencies coming together to create synergy in grape and wine research and by collaboration achieve results that would not be possible working as stand alone agencies.

A focus of WIC is postgraduate work supporting researchers across the spectrum of oenology, viticulture and wine business. With world leading personnel and networks around the globe and possessing the major share of Australian research this exposure to such a dynamic cluster, at the centre of the Australian wine industry produces graduates who are in high demand both in Australia and overseas.

This highly serviced education building hosts a plethora of innovative research equipment some unique in Australia and the surrounding campus provides working vineyards to study vine physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology.