Key Features

  • Health centre incorporated into the Woden Green residential estate

$8m Canberra Health Point Wellness Centre

This building is a three-storey health facility building with one level of basement car parking. Up to ten individual tenancies are accommodated with consulting rooms for a variety of specialist and allied health practitioners, including a naturopath, osteopath, physiotherapist, dentist and ophthalmologist.

The ancillary components such as dispensary and communal ‘wellness clinic’ are to facilitate a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that demonstrates the general policy for the building. The project was for the construction of the base building works with a building classification generally as Class 5 and a Class 9a component at the ground floor.

The construction format is a post-tensioned reinforced concrete framed building with integral hydronic heating systems, high thermal performance glazing, infill masonry facades and metal roofing. The atrium performs an important function in providing access to natural light and enhancement of the building’s environmental performance through optimising use of natural ventilation.